Dew Drop Rowlett
Inducted in 1985
As a Lion

Dew Drop Rowlett could be inducted into the FHU Athletics Hall of Fame based on name only, but her accomplishments as an athlete and a coach gave the selection a little more credence.

Rowlett attended FHC from 1930 to 1932 and played tennis and basketball during that time.  She was captain of the basketball team in 1931 and 1932 and was named to the Mississippi Valley Conference tournament team in 1930, '31 and '32.  The latter two years, she was also voted MVP of the tourney.  In 1930 and 1931, her peers at FHC voted her "best girl athlete."

After Graduation

She attended Murray State University from 1993-1935 where she played basketball, tennis and softball.  Rowlett was captain of the softball team in 1934 while playing three different sports and playing for two basketball teams.  Besides the Murray State squad, she played AAU basketball for the Tupelo Redwings in '34 and '35.  In '34, she was named to the All-Southern AAU basketball squad and participated on the All-American AAU squad in Wichita, Kan.

In 1936, she began her professional career.  Her first job was as a teacher and coach at Murray High School.  She stayed there for 30 years, teaching and coaching tennis and track and field.  In track, she had one state runner-up squad and in tennis her squads won seven regional championships and a second-place state finish.

In 1965, she began her college coaching career at Murray State.  She coached women's tennis for two years and basketball from 1968 to 1977.  In '74 and '77, her teams were AIAW District Runners-up and participated in the regional tournament.

In 1978, she began her last coaching job with her alma mater.  She coached at FHC until 1981 and in 1980 she was named the Volunteer State Athletic Conference Coach of the Year.

Rowlett has received many awards throughout her career for her athletic ability and knowledge.  In 1968, she was recognized as one of Kentucky's outstanding women in sports.  In 1981, she was recognized as a founder of the Kentucky Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.  These two add to the long list of awards she received while playing basketball, tennis and softball.

Dew Drop's character is as colorful as her name and her placement in the FHC Hall of Fame as the first female inductee is recognition for the things she has done for women's athletics.

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